Second to Last



CURRENT BOOK:  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Well I guess it’s actually happening.  I’m at O’Hare airport in Chicago waiting to board a flight to Toronto which will connect me to my flight to Dublin.  I’m going to Ireland for real.

For this extended vacation, I actually left work at 5:00 on Friday, but only because I worked crazy overtime all throughout the week to make sure my desk was clear if it killed me.  Sure enough, Boss Girl dumped two projects on me after 4:00 on Friday and one of them involved a monster scan job.  And I lucked out that Boss Man had to leave early to pick up one of his kids.

Anyway, I finished To Kill a Mockingbird on Saturday before we left but have not had time to blog about it since we attended a music fest and finished packing on Saturday and then left for Chicago early Sunday so I tried to enjoy Chicago instead of diddling on the smartphone.

I never did understand why so many people think Mockingbird is the Greatest Novel in the English Language.  It’s not bad.  But I never loved it.  (Yes this is a re-read from being forced in junior high).  Now that I am a little older I can appreciate Atticus’ wisdom somewhat better.  I do think it gives good insight into growing up in a small rural town in the South during a certain time in history, especially how people were defined by their families.  And I do see the important theme about not prejudging people, and that this goes beyond skin color.  I can see its place on The List, as it is told through the eyes of a young girl by a significant female author.  But I still think people make too much of it.  I never did read the sequel that came out, was it last year or the year before?  Especially since I thought Atticus was at the heart of the story and I heard he was a different person in the sequel.

I did start on the last book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, on the way to Chicago and made more progress at the hotel while my husband was resting.  So with a transatlantic flight ahead of me I do expect to finish with The List by my deadline on Thursday.

They’ll be boarding in a few minutes so I’d better sign off!


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