CURRENT BOOK:  The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Maybe it is the change in the weather (as much as I never got used to the heat after moving South and I look forward to cooler temperatures), but I have been feeling very tired lately.  This is also possibly because I ran a 5K on Saturday and then had a two-and-a-half hour practice on Sunday for the dance group I march with at Mardi Gras.  Even with only one boss in for the last three days I have been run ragged at work.  It was all the husband and I could do last weekend to unpack our bags from California, wash our clothes, and FINALLY order the tile to remodel our bathroom.  I am losing enthusiasm for the dance practices and for The List.  Why do so many of these novels have to jump around in time and point of view?

Anyway, amidst all this I did manage to read The Joy Luck Club when I was able to squeeze in a lunch break.  It is a re-read from high school but I don’t think I was remembering it very well, and I’m almost tempted to watch the movie again too because that also isn’t as I remember.

The novel focuses on a tight-knit group of four Chinese immigrant women and their daughters and opens with the death of one of the women and the invitation extended to her daughter to fill the opening in their mahjongg group.  Tan explores relationships between men and women and women’s place in society, but above all she explores the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, especially within the Chinese-American culture.  Generally, the mothers want to maintain their traditions, while on the other hand the daughters have adopted Western culture.  There is a struggle as there is between all parents and children, but especially here, that the daughters want to both please their mothers and assert their independence.  The daughters’ divorces are as hard for their mothers to understand, as it is for the daughters to understand their mothers being a third or fourth wife when they lived in China where this was not uncommon.

I attempted to access the next book on the list, The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, on my e-reader but the file must have been corrupted and removed from the library archives.  Neither of the next two books were available, either, so I’m placing a hold and skipping ahead again.  I’m sick of that, too.

I hope this day is over soon so I can take a nap!



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