Fear of Flying? More Like, Failure to Launch. Or, a Good Contractor is Not So Hard to Find After All.



CURRENT BOOK:  Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

It turns out that our friend’s brother-in-law who is a contractor, DID call my husband back after all.  But somehow my husband missed the message.  So there we were yesterday posting on Facebook and asking everyone we knew trying to find someone else we could call, until I told the friend we wanted to give the job to the brother-in-law and we had tried to call, and the friend followed up with the brother-in-law and got back to us that the brother-in-law did call my husband.  I would ask why things have to be so complicated, but I believe the reason may start with an “M,” have an “E” in the middle, and an “N” at the end.  Anyway, we finally have an appointment with him at noon tomorrow.  At this point, I will be overjoyed just to get the project off the ground, even if it’s going to be so long before he can start that I will have finished with The List by that time.

In the meantime, I started the next book on The List (as well as Inferno by Dan Brown, since the husband and I saw a preview for the movie the other day — I’ll make it work since Inferno is an electronic copy I can read on the treadmill and Fear of Flying is a hard copy I will read at other times).

Fear of Flying, which was copyright 1973, is interesting from a 2016 perspective.  The narrator wants sex simply for its own sake, which was revolutionary in 1973 but nothing to bat an eyelash at over 40 years later.  How society has changed (some would say plummeted!) even just in my lifetime.  On the hand, despite that she is interested in sex for her own sake, and is open to her attraction to men other than her husband, the narrator supports the institution of marriage:

I was not against marriage.  I believe in it in fact.  It was necessary to have one best friend in a hostile world, one person you’d be loyal to no matter what, one person who’d always be loyal to you.

This is exactly the way think marriage should be!  I was so glad I’m not the only one.  However, for the narrator, marriage is not about sex — sex becomes stale after a certain time.

To keep it in context, the narrator is on her second marriage.  Since her first husband was emotionally unstable, she went for a psychologist under the belief that that a person who best understood the workings of the human mind would be the most stable.  The novel begins when they are on a train in Europe on their way to a convention and surrounded by other industry professionals, and she meets a man she finds attractive.

It seems likely that, despite her “fear of flying” or hesitancy to break social convention, the narrator will have an affair with the other man, but as far as how this will affect her relationship with her husband or as far as what else will happen, we shall see.


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