No News is Good News



CURRENT BOOK:  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Although I live in Louisiana, I was not impacted by the recent flooding (I’m about 45 minutes to an hour away from the worst of it, thank goodness — dealt with enough hassles from Katrina involving being displaced with my job and having to stay with my less-than-supportive parents for the better part of six months, and met my quota as far as I am concerned).  My husband and I have been full steam ahead as much as possible on the bathroom renovation.  Who knew you needed an estimate signed by a licensed general contractor to obtain a permit, when you were planning on acting as your own general contractor?  It took us over two weeks to get the quote for the tile and the process is going much more slowly than I had hoped, although at least it is not because the husband has been dragging his feet.  He hasn’t.

Anyway, after noting the length of The Goldfinch, I gave myself two weeks to read it.  And that’s about what it took.  I enjoyed the novel and didn’t find it tedious despite that it is over 700 pages — thank goodness it was available from my library electronically so I didn’t have to tote around the hardcover.  I won’t discuss the plot much because it is one of those story lines that I don’t want to give anything away.  I can understand why one reviewer on Amazon thought it could have been broken up into smaller novels.  There is good suspense with many twists and turns, and not exactly character development so much as well-crafted depictions of a variety of characters.  While I understood the place where the main character/narrator was in the end, I was somewhat disappointed that certain things weren’t wrapped up as much as I would have liked after sticking with him for over 700 pages.

I also had a hard time picking up on any feminist themes in this novel, so again if feminism is the overriding concept for The List, while this is an excellent novel, I wonder about its place among the other works selected.

Anyway, on to The Handmaid’s Tale, since it was the next book on The List I was able to secure electronically.  My husband and I were returning from a productive excursion involving yet another meeting with our designer and the selection of a light fixture at an independent shop we found on Google (who knew the mom and pop places would let you take the whole display model home with you?) and the acquisition of a new Crock Pot which will allow me to set the cook time for up to 20 hours so it will not finish until I am home in the evening.  The library is on the way and I checked from my phone to see if they had the next book from The List, Fun Home, which I skipped over before since it was not convenient to go to the library, but it was due August 30.  So rather than stopping at the library I also skipped over A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories which was not included in the 3M Cloud Library and moved along to A Handmaid’s Tale.  Time to place a couple of holds so I don’t skip over too many titles and lose track!


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