A Pizza of One’s Own



CURRENT BOOK:  Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding

I got off early today since we have early dismissal at 3:00 pm before holidays.  Since the husband has plans for the evening, I hit the elevator running with the intention to fend for myself.  30 minutes on the treadmill?  Check!  Touch base with husband and ask him to pick up milk since I would not be passing by any grocery or convenience stores?  Check!  Stop at pet store to replace recently defunct kitty toys?  Check!

Even though the closest substitute I could find were toys that made chirping sounds at the slightest movement.

Next I thought to order my pizza and then go to the library to pick up the next book, A Room of One’s Own, to kill time while my pizza baked.  When I arrived at the library (after a brief drive during which I jostled the annoyingly chirpy kitty toys) I saw it was only five minutes until they closed.  No time to call the pizzeria.  I dashed into the library, ignoring dirty looks from the staff waiting by the door.  Frantically, I pulled up the Dewey Decimal number and ventured back into the nonfiction section.

No luck.

I moved along to the pizzeria, still transporting the annoyingly chirpy kitty toys.  At 5:00 pm the pizzeria had just opened for dinner, and I placed my order.  While waiting, I investigated whether A Room of One’s Own was available in electronic format.

No luck.

At least the pizza was extra tasty, and with the husband out of the picture for the evening I was able to get mushrooms on the whole thing instead of just half.  And I did eat the whole thing by myself.  Even though I got a medium instyead of a large.  Not to mention my movie fix “The Age of Adeline” was sublime.  I wasn’t sure the husband would have liked it, but he would have.

I just don’t know how I’m going to get my hands on the next book without breaking my vow to get them all for free.  I’m thinking my best bets are the receptionist from work who has nothing better to do than read when the phone isn’t ringing, or inter-library loan as one of the other branches had a copy.

Wish me luck!


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