Being the Boss



CURRENT BOOK:  Bossypants by Tina Fey

Okay, so I’m not really the boss.  At work they have been running me ragged more often than not to the point that even with two major trips planned within the next ten months I have an itchy trigger finger to send out resumes looking for a new job where they actually have adequate staff to handle the workload.  Especially when my two bosses give me more tasks than I can complete in the time allotted, a task for the attorney I used to work for is mistakenly routed to me even though her work has been transferred to another secretary, and all of this happens when I do not want to work overtime because last time I did I busted my petite rear for seven hours and only got an extra $100.00 in my paycheck since it apparently bumped me into a higher tax bracket.  And as far as the husband goes he’s the sweetest thing ever as far as the little favors, but as far as bigger things like finding motivation to fix up the house (it has been like pulling teeth just to paint a wall or purchase a new vacuum cleaner, and he recently admitted that he did not finish a job that he had started long ago, despite that he has issues that his father didn’t take care of his family’s house and he always wanted to do better) or supporting me when it would mean opposing his narcissistic and intrusive family who have objected to our marriage for superficial reasons, he has a beyond-discouraging history of dropping the ball, so sometimes I feel like I’m not even much of a partner to him, much less the boss!

Anyway, as if it isn’t open and obvious, I’m in a mood.

The good news is, I don’t know how with everything else I have had going on this week, but I finished Bossypants in less than a week.  I might have read more than my allotted 50 pages one day, I’m not sure.  I enjoyed it, as Tina Fey’s trademark humor shines through.  Right from the beginning:

Congratulations on your purchase of this American-made genuine book.  Each component of this book was selected to give you maximum book performance, whatever your reading needs may be.

She does discuss her career, which has had its more and less glamorous moments, but she talks even more about her background growing up and studying acting and comedy and her experiences becoming a mother and raising a young daughter.  As far as her career goes, notably, it was others who believed she looks like Sarah Palin, and she never saw the resemblance and had to work on the impersonation since she felt it was never her strong point to take on other characters as much as it was for some of her cast mates on “Saturday Night Live,” for whom she has great respect.  When she was writing the book, “30 Rock” was still trying to find its footing, although ultimately it has been very successful.  Throughout the book, Fey is very approachable and never rests on her laurels.

I was especially intrigued by the chapter entitled, “What Turning Forty Means to Me,” except all she has to say is:

I need to take my pants off as soon as I get home.  I didn’t used to have to do that.  But now I do.

Really?  Maybe I’ll understand it when I’m forty.

And I still haven’t had enough wine yet this evening.  I’m in for more humor next with Bridget Jones’ Diary, and a long weekend with hope of a beach excursion, so I’m going to eat something and have more wine in the meantime.  Because being a legal secretary is a royal bother, except for the job security.


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