Another Novel



CURRENT BOOK:  Beloved by Toni Morrison

Okay.  What is it with these authors who jump around in time and perspective in their novels?  I know Beloved is supposed to be the greatest thing ever, and I can see why Oprah went ga-ga over it, but still!

The novel tells the story of several characters who fled slavery and the hardships they suffered, including a mother committing infanticide upon her baby daughter.  In the Foreword, the author explains that she was inspired by real events but wanted to make it even bigger and deeper.  So when I say that the mother is haunted by her murdered daughter, this is literally true.  While I understand the author’s intention, I think instead of adding to what the author was trying to convey about the experiences of the former slaves, the supernatural elements took away.  And this is coming from someone who likes a good episode of “The X-Files” as much as the next girl.

On to Bossypants and Bridget Jones’ Diary.  I’m ready for something funnier!


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