After a while, despite that my hair is grungy and I was bra-less in lounge clothes, I had to get out of the house.  Actually I did, because I needed to pick up a prescription and grocery items for dinner.  Since I had finished Americanah and the library did not close for an hour, I decided to go to the library and then run my other errands.  The library closes at 5:00 pm. The pharmacy at the drugstore closes at 6:00 pm.  Then the supermarket stays open all evening.  But wait — all I needed was spaghetti sauce and wine.  They would have that at the drugstore.  I could do all my shopping in one stop.  Hooray!

The husband wanted to stay home and unpack the things that have still been sitting all this time in his bag from the trip to Fort Walton Beach, so I headed to the library with the list of 50 books and the library’s card catalog handy in the web browser on my iPhone.  First up was Beloved since it was closer to the front and easier to find among several copies on the appropriate shelf under the author’s last name.  Next up, Bad Feminist, which was finally available according to the online catalog, although my library is currently undergoing renovations and had that particular area of the nonfiction section blocked off with yellow tape.  Yellow tape be d-mned.  This was the second or third time I had tried to get that book.  I am five feet zero inches tall and on a mission.  I squeeze right under yellow tape.  Like some almighty librarian was going to strike me down with the wrath of God?  The book was on the top shelf (this is the drawback of being five feet zero inches tall).  I could touch it with my fingertips.  However, when I tried to pull it down, all I did was push it further to the back of the shelf.  No way was I giving up when I was that close.  There was empty space on the bottom shelf so, after using the bottom shelf to boost first one foot, then the other, I was able to reach the book.  I do not expect Bad Feminist or Beloved to be among my favorites on the list, but fortunately they both appear to be relatively short.  I decided to pick up the next book, Bossypants, but had trouble finding it as the shelves in the biography section had been moved and were no longer in order.  Not to be dissuaded, I squeezed back under the yellow tape and wound my way around until I finally found the appropriate shelf off to the side and acquired the book, again off the top shelf.  It also seemed relatively short, so I decided to go big before I went home and pick up the next book after that, Bridget Jones’ Diary.  Now I should be busy for a while!

A brief excursion to the self-check and to the drugstore ensued.  Four books, check.  Prescription, check.  Spaghetti sauce, check.  Two bottles of cabernet, check.  After unpacking all of the superfluous shopping bags that came with these few items, time to cook dinner and decide which book to read first since I have already been derailed from being OCD and reading the books in order.

I wasn’t sure how I was doing but to have read eight books in seven and a half weeks, I wish I could pace myself a bit more, but I’m on track.  And I am batting 1,000 as far as getting the books for free!



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