I finished The Bean Trees.  It was good enough, and I’m surprised it took me so long to read it.  Everything is resolved at the end, however, I couldn’t help being surprised how readily Taylor accepted motherhood after starting out so definitively to reject it (at least until other aspects of her life were in order).  Even though she couldn’t have just dropped off the baby at an emergency room or police station in that day, I’m surprised she didn’t at least look into her options long before someone from Social Services investigated an incident at the house where they were living and explained that the child would become a ward of the state unless Taylor officially adopted her.  But maybe as a person who is infertile who would have to REALLY want it in order for it to happen, I have a different perspective on how easily women take to motherhood once the situation arises.  Even in the age of birth control.

Anyway, I am preparing to go out of town on Tuesday so after finishing The Bean Trees I returned it to the library this afternoon and looked for the next few books on the list to entertain me on my trip, as I expect to have little to do aside from lounge around the condo or at the beach or by the pool.  This meant another venture into the nonfiction section.  How was I supposed to know they put all the biographies in a whole different section and that they categorized Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl  as a biography?  Anyway, I struck out as far as Bad Feminist — not that I felt too bad about it since it does not sound like a “beach read.”  I checked out a hard copy of A Visit from the Goon Squad since I am still waiting for the electronic copy and I can go ahead and release that hold.  I also got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wood.  Hopefully the vacation will give me a chance to catch up on my reading challenge!


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