What Did I Get Myself Into?




Now that I have finished the third book on the list, I am still waiting for the second book which I have on hold for approximately another twelve days.  I moved onto the fourth book, Anne Frank:  Diary of a Young Girl.  Eagerly, I pulled up the library web site.  My options were to check out the audiobook (which I wasn’t interested in, I’m READING these books, not LISTENING to them) or to put a hold on the hard copy (which I do not want to do while I already have a hold on another book).

So I moved onto the fifth book, Bad Feminist.  Really?  Another feminist rant?  Even though Ain’t I a Woman came in at under 200 pages, I was not ready for another 320 more.  Still, out of perhaps a misplaced sense of obligation, I checked availability at the library.  There was a hard copy.  But…it was checked out!  Due May 11, 2016.

I had no choice, then, but to move on to the sixth book, The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver.  Which was available.  Somehow I remember my mother reading all of Kingsolver’s books while I was in high school.  And it’s a bestseller more like I usually read.  Can’t be all bad, right?


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